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Shameless Plug Weekly Roundup: 12/12-12/16

Friday, December 16thKevin Madden plugged a Mitt Romney ad about the economy.

Friday, December 16th

Kevin Madden plugged a Mitt Romney ad about the economy. You can see the ad on Romney's web site.

Lois Romano wished her father in-law, Clifford Holmes, a happy 90th birthday.

Karen Finney said a great way to remember the troops this holiday season is through the USO. You can be a Christmas elf through the USO site.


Thursday, December 15th

Jeanne Cummings drew attention to Bloomberg articles on how not every GOP 2012 nominee was a Reagan fan in the 1980s.

Steve McMahon plugged the new Purple Poll coming out Monday on the Purple Strategies web site.

Ramesh Ponnuru praised the new Kindle single titled Dakota Christmas. You can buy the e-book online.


Wednesday, December 14th

Joy-Ann Reid brought attention to an article on The Grio.  The article is about one in 45 children being in poverty.

Ben White plugged his twitter account. Follow him @morningmoneyben.

Reihan Salam plugged a National Review article about how colleges can be cheaper.


Tuesday, December 13th

Cynthia Tucker plugged a thriller novel called One Second After. Newt Gingrich wrote the forward to the book, and occasionally refers to the doomsday scenario that the book is based around, a nuclear blast above the United States.

Jennifer Rubin gave a shout out to her son's basketball team, The Stallions.

Christina Bellantoni plugged the front page of Roll Call.


Monday, December 12th

Michael Steele plugged his latest article on his web site. Steele's article is also posted on The Root.

Dan Balz plugged "Candidate Week" on The Washington Post's politics page. The paper is covering a new candidate each day.

Liz Sidoti gave a shout out to her friend Ben Capra. Ben is the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard at Coral Bay.