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Rev. Jesse Jackson: Same-Sex marriage should be federal issue

On today’s Daily Rundown Rev.

On today’s Daily Rundown Rev. Jesse Jackson said President Obama's decision on same-sex marriage should not be a state issue, but a federal issue.

“Ultimately one must not have fifty states stepping on equal systems and civil rights. You ultimately must have an even playing field and one set of rules,” Rev. Jackson said on the Daily Rundown.

The Reverend went on to say the President took a daring step in his stance on same-sex marriage, but that there was still another step to be taken.

“Given the culture, he took a bold step, but there’s another step to be taken,” Jackson said of the President.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is founder and President of the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, a multi-racial, multi-issue organization which fights for social change.

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