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Payroll Tax Cut Fight Continues

By NBC's Anna TumanThe battle continues on Capitol Hill today as the House and Senate debate the payroll tax cut extension.Sen.

By NBC's Anna Tuman

The battle continues on Capitol Hill today as the House and Senate debate the payroll tax cut extension.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said today on The Daily Rundown that Speaker Boehner is killing the payroll bill.

“In Washington, it's time honored; when you want to kill something but not have your own fingerprints on it, send it to a committee,” Schumer said. “That is exactly what the speaker is doing, and it'll just end up killing the bill."

The Senator went on to explain that Boehner and his fellow Republicans are not compromising.

“We gave them the pipeline, we swallowed hard. You know what's happening here? He just keeps moving the goalpost back and back and back," Schumer said.

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD), who later appeared on the show, told NBC’s Chuck Todd that although it may not look like the two sides are working together to pass the bill, they are.

“We're just trying to do things right, I know that it looks strange out here in Washington these days,” Noem said.  “It's not very often you get to see somebody trying to do something through the right process. But, you know, when I came out here and ran for Congress, we said we were going to restore the institution of government and try to do things correctly.” 

The Representative said  it would be terrible if the bill was pushed to conference and no extension was made.

“That would be a tragedy, It really would be,” Noem said.  “It sits squarely on Harry Reid's lap because if he doesn't want to go through the regular order and send conferees out here to actually do work because it's Christmas, because it's the holidays, then I think he's completely lost touch with the American people.”