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GOP senator: Obama admin 'too little, too late' on Syria

Wisconsin Sen.

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said he’s encouraged by the Obama administration’s recent moves to begin arming Syrian rebel forces, but that the action may be too little, too late for the war-torn country.

"This administration has once again led from behind. They have not provided leadership,” Johnson, a Republican, said on Friday’s The Daily Rundown. “They didn’t start providing the support that might have made a difference early on. I hope it’s not too late. But possibly better late than never but I’m afraid it may be too little too late."

Johnson also said that he would support a no fly zone because of the risk of chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.

“It looks like we will probably initiate some kind of no fly zone near the Jordanian border,” Johnson added. “We’re in a global economy, we have global threats. We need to face up to those global threats and America needs to lead.”

Johnson has said that restoring faith in government is the “wrong solution,” and underscored again on Friday that it was necessary to limit government control.

“What I’d like to do is restore that healthy distrust so that Americans would start limiting the size of government, its influence and control over our lives,” said Johnson.

Immigration reform is also high on the Senate agenda over the next few weeks, but Johnson said that the bipartisan Gang of Eight “didn’t do good enough.” Instead, he hopes to improve the bill during the amendment process and encourage more debate.

“From my standpoint, not really the type of thoughtful process that needs to go into this incredibly complex issue,” Johnson said.