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Chuck's Olympic-sized Outlook

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Chuck had a piece in Sunday’s Washington Post explaining why the battle between Mitt Romney and President Obama is a lot like the gymnastics competition in London. Here’s a taste:


At NBC, to say we have Olympics fever is an understatement. For a few short weeks every four years, the Games overtake the presidential campaign as the more compelling news event. But competing in the Olympics and running for the White House have some things in common: Years of training can culminate in the ultimate prize. And bad luck or one wrong move can torpedo a player’s dreams. In keeping with the Olympic spirit, we decided to put the presidential candidates through a virtual competition that mirrors the one they’re currently in. Let’s use a sport that’s popular and one that, if President Obama and Mitt Romney actually tried it, would surely entertain audiences more than your typical stump speech: women’s gymnastics. Let the games begin! 

Check out the rest of Chuck’s piece here.

After a little rest during the London games, The Daily Rundown will be back on the air this Friday at 9 am ET. There will be more of a preview to come this afternoon, but get ready for Friday’s first taste of Chuck’s exit interviews with retiring senators – Lieberman, Webb, Hutchison, Akaka, Snowe, Conrad and more to come!