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Broad demographic appeal key to an Obama win

Democratic Sen.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says Republicans will only have themselves to blame if they lose this election, particularly because of their limp appeal to a broader demographic base.

Durbin told NBC’s Chuck Todd during an appearance on The Daily Rundown that demographics will help Democrats win the race instead.

“Look at the demographics. How can you be a national party and have your candidates say, ‘I’ll veto the Dream Act.’” Durbin said. “Seventy percent of voters support that – Democrats, Republicans and independents.”

Durbin also talked about the general voter’s problem with “people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock,” making outrageous comments about women. The Illinois senator was adamant that the positions the GOP candidates took in the primaries “makes it kind of difficult for the Republicans in the general election.”

It seems some in the Republican Party agree. South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham made a blunt statement  recently that if the GOP loses the presidential election, demographics are the problem.

“We are focusing on the middle class in America and I think that’s the key,” Durbin said when explaining the Democrats’ confidence in the demographics factor.

Todd and Durbin also discussed the enthusiasm gap between this election and the one in 2008 where enthusiastic crowds readily greeted Sen. Obama. Durbin countered that Team Obama has “fired up the people” that they need to come out and vote in the most critical battleground states.

Durbin also remained determined that the Democrats will “close the deal” in the final hours before the election.

“Let the telephone calls and door knocks bring out our voters,” Durbin said.