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Women are the biggest winners of Obamacare



With the Affordable Care Act in play, insurance companies can’t discriminate against woman and will have to charge them the same baseline as they charge men. Before Obamacare, women were sometimes denied coverage because they faced gender-based realities such as having had a C-section, being a breast cancer survivor, or being a  victim of rape or domestic violence. “I think Obamcare has huge benefits for women all over the country.” Elizabeth Plank, editor at, said on Wednesday.

Unemployed young women also benefit from the ACA.  “1.1 million women right now are on their parents health care, which is amazing for a young workforce to be happy, to be healthy, and it’s good for women,” Plank said. “We also have a disproportionate amount of vulnerable populations that weren't able to get covered, would be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions or were just charged higher premiums which is really sexist in itself. We’re moving to a system that really challenges inequalities.”