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What singles want. (Find out in time for Valentine's Day)

Love 'em or leave 'em?

Love 'em or leave 'em?’s third annual “Singles in America” study asked 5,500 single men and women questions what they were looking for in a date or mate.

Deal-breakers included credit card and student loan debt. But 49% of singles would consider dating someone who still lives with their parents. The survey revealed that 48% of the women did online research to find out more about their potential suitor before they went on a date, and if they didn’t like their findings, 49% said they would cancel. When it comes to men only 38% do research before they go on a date and only 27% said they would cancel.

Dr. Helen Fisher, chief scientific adviser for, told the Cyclists that men's and women's responses were similar. “They both basically want somebody who respects them, who they can trust, who they can confide in, who makes them laugh, and somebody is physically attractive to them.”  Men and women are also similar in what they don't consider important, she said. “They don’t seem to want anymore somebody from the same ethnic background or from the same religious background and that’s a real change,” Dr. Fisher said. “Singles are looking for self-fulfillment. They really want a full personal connection that is not necessarily one that their family endorses, that their religion endorses, that their community endorses."