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Vice Grip

            We're picking Mitt Romney's number two, so watch out republicans!
Vice Grip
Vice Grip

            We're picking Mitt Romney's number two, so watch out republicans!  At least we're picking who we think Romney should add to his ticket.  We're 62 days until the Republican National Convention in Tampa and that means 62 days for Romney to pick a running mate.  Rumors are flying with people trying to read the tea leaves but no one guessed John McCain would pick an obscure governor from Alaska in 2008!  Politico's national political reporter David Catanese joins us to grade our selection:

S.E. pick's Rep. Paul Ryan

  • won't overshadow Romney
  • packs pizzazz
  • bona fide conservative

Toure picks Gov. Chris Christie

  • unrestrained
  • combative & confrontational
  • will take fight to Obama

Krystal picks fmr. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

  • can go toe-to-toe with Obama on foreign policy
  • breaks GOP's old white man stereotype

Steve picks Sen. John Thune

  • boring
  • marketable

According to our friends over at InTrade where where people put their money where their punditry is, S.E.'s pick of Paul Ryan has the best odds for getting nominated as Romney's VP.  Sorry Krystal but Secy. Rice is the biggest long shot of the four.  Surprisingly, none of us chose Sen. Marco Rubio despite all the recent talk asking if he is or is not being vetting.

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