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  So my friends you may be wondering what we're doing here. What's The Cycle all about?


So my friends you may be wondering what we're doing here. What's The Cycle all about?  

            We're a group of friend having a dinner party in the afternoon and we invite you in to our party where we'll talk about politics and culture in the ensemble format that's existed since the beggining of television because it still works.

            This fore some will be here together talking about America for the foreseeable future or until S.E. leave to run for President. 

            The initial idea was what would happen if the partners of the law firm calls M.S. and NBC were to leave and the junior partner took over the conference room to argue about America and where it's going. From that seed that show was born.  

            But we're going to have sparks because we're four very different part of a puzzle. We're two men and two women.

            Three whites and one brother. Three of us are progressive and S.E. is conservative. Three of us are from Massachusetts and Krystal's from Virginia. 

            I like women, the three of them like men. Three of us are writers, Krystal's an activist. Three of us are in our early 30's and one is in their very, very early 40s.



            Two of us are married parents, two are single. Two of us can see. There's lots of ways to slice this pie but no matter where you place the knife we're friends who believe in America and want to see it succeed even as we may disagree about how to get there and what success means.

            A lot of people have focused on why'd you put a conservative on the show, I don't wanna watch her.

            But if we exclude the views of the other side then we're no better than them. And I think that in wanting to be post-partisan and find solutions and get beyond obstructionism, we are better than them. 

            Obstructionism is anti-American because it values paralysis and politics over progress. It stems from a refusal to respect each other and a refusal to listen to each other and a preference for winning an election over improving our future. 

            And we're not that sort of Party. We're better than that. Plus as Krystal said last week, if you worldview is so fragile that you can't even hear differing points of view then you might want to reassess your worldview. As a committed progressive, I'm glad to have a smart conservative here because steel sharpens steel. 

            So we'll be here ever day at 3pm, putting on a great daytime dinner party and you're one of the gang. Tweet us during the show and we'll read em during the breaks. Use the hash tag the Cycle and maybe your tweet will become part of the conversation, which continues now.