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Thirsty? Michelle Obama wants Americans to reach for water

First lady Michelle Obama is telling everyone to “drink up!"
Michelle Obama
First lady Michelle Obama visits with children at the USO Warrior and Family Center in Fort Belvoir, Va., Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013, during a service project...

First lady Michelle Obama is telling everyone to “drink up!"

The first lady, who has made health issues one of her top issues, launched a new initiative Thursday with the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) to encourage Americans to drink more water. The campaign called, "Drink Up," set off from Watertown, Wis., with a little celebrity boost from actress Eva Longoria--a supporter of the Obama administration.

“Today I am working to inspire Americans from all across the country to drink more water,” Michelle Obama told the Today Show in an interview. “Water is the best and easiest choice we can make to feel energized, focused, healthy, and refreshed. You are what you drink, and when you drink water, you are at your best.”

Officials recommend that adults drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, but nearly half of us--43.7%--drink less than four cups of water a day, according to the Center for Disease Control. And a whopping 7% of adults don’t drink any water a day. The Drink Up initiative says that nearly a quarter of the nation’s children don’t drink any water a day but instead choose those sugary drinks with the extra hidden calories.

Industry organizations like the American Beverage Association, cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, and a number of bottled water brands have signed on to the campaign, the White House said in a statement. More than 10,000 public outdoor taps would be branded with the logo over the course of the next few years and a dozen TV shows, including Today, will participate in the initiative as a way to encourage Americans to drink more water.