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There is no shutdown for the kid president

The kid president is at it again and this time he wants to help the homeless.
While the government may be shut down, Robby Novak, the 10-year-old kid president, is still at work.
When Novak, along with his brother-in-law, launched the SoulPancake YouTube channel in 2012 they did it with one mission, to give kids a voice in politics.
Each video that Novak posts focuses on a different message.  The kid president makes sure we are all up-to-date and aware of the issues and events happening around us. 
As October begins the kid president is launching a new initiative, helping the homeless. In his latest video Novak points out how we all spend so much time surfing and playing on the internet, while we should be helping others. "I'm declaring this month of October, Socktober," Novak said. "We want to activate one million people to help the homeless in their neighborhoods" and he believes it all starts with launching a sock drive together in your neighborhood.
Be sure to check out Novak's step-by-step plan on how we can all work together and make this October count!
"The time to be awesome is now," Novak said. "One month, one million people all helping the homeless. Sounds awesome to me! "