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The Cycle Lineup

Another U.S.
The Cycle Lineup
The Cycle Lineup

Another U.S. embassy has been stormed by angry protestors making Yemen the latest in a series of attacks on American diplomatic missions in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Is this all happening in the name of faith or is that just the reasoning they are giving? Be sure to tune in for the full lineup at 3pm and tweet us during the show @thecyclemsnbc


We start with a live report on the ground in Cairo, Egypt where protesters are on the streets again and are calling for massive protests tomorrow.

Jacques Berlinerblau author of, How To be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom and Reva Bhalla, VP of Global Analysis at Stratfor are joining the conversation to discuss the turmoil occurring in the region

With the crisis in the Middle East unfolding 54 days prior to the Presidential election is how President Obama handles the situation going to hurt or help him when people enter the polling booths. Former Philadelphia Governor Ed Rendell weighs in

Our Spin Cycle discusses the political fight over foreign policy that is shaping up between President Obama and Romney. What do you think?

Foreign policy is front and center right now and it’s not just the Middle East. China is going to become a point of contention as well. Peter Navarro and Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) are joining the conversation to discuss the documentary Death by China

The Breakfast Club’s Molly Ringwald is pulling up a chair to The Cycle table to discuss her new book When it Happens to You. Be sure to tune in for what is sure to be a great conversation with the actress turned author.