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Per S.E.

            What to do with two minutes of uninterrupted airtime.

            What to do with two minutes of uninterrupted airtime. I'm going for broke, just in case tomorrow I'm politely told my services are no longer needed here.


Poor President Obama. Since the day he came into office, he has found it considerably difficult to live within the confines of the democratic process and the Constitution, centuries-old institutions that most Americans agree have served us pretty well over the years.


But Obama is increasingly looking like a man without a country. Life would be so much easier for a President who clearly wishes American democracy were a little less rigid, and a little more…well, pliable.


First it was the individual mandate in Obama's signature health care legislation, which the Supreme Court may find unconstitutional this week. Then there was the HHS mandate to force Catholic institutions to violate their religious freedom, but who needs the First Amendment?


Then there's our federal immigration law, which Obama decided he would not entirely enforce last week. 



He authorized military action in Libya, without - oh yeah - asking Congress for approval. Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinic had to remind him of that.


He authorized the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a very bad dude who also happened to be an American citizen. They're supposed to get Fifth Amendment rights. Due process, schmue process.


For a guy who should be well apprised of the limitations of our constitution - he was, after all, a constitutional law professor - Obama sure can't seem to live within his means.


Some of you will undoubtedly call me an obstructionist, a curmudgeon, a partisan hack, or you'll resort to total desperation and call me a racist. But the truth is, if a Republican president overreached in his authority as much as Obama has, you'd be calling for his impeachment.