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Riding the Cycle: October 17

Good morning Cyclists, here is what we are reading today.


The shutdown is over (for now) and the debt ceiling is raised (for now) but are we headed for another shutdown? (MSNBC)

Are the women of the Senate the real winners in the shutdown mess? (TIME)

Senior Editor for The New Republic, Noam Scheiber joins today’s show to discuss how this averted disaster will impact the next budget fight.  He calls Speaker Boehner’s endgame, “the final spasm of a still-fresh corpse.” (New Republic)

For all you animal lovers, the National Zoo's panda cam will be back later this afternoon. (Politico)

Two weeks into the Obamacare exchanges and there are still major problems. (Reuters)

Cory Booker (D) won the New Jersey special Senate election. (Star Ledger)