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A porcupine predicts the Super Bowl XLIX winner

Forget the NFL analysis and the Vegas bookkepers, a porcupine is your answer to Super Bowl financial success.
A porcupine.
A porcupine.

Forget all the NFL analysis you are hearing this week. Forget what the Vegas bookkeepers are saying. The only person who knows who will win Super Bowl XLIX is Teddy Bear the Porcupine.

According to the psychic porcupine the 2015 Super Bowl winner will be the Seattle Seahawks.

Teddy lives at Zooniversity, a teaching zoo in Dallas. For the past three years, two pieces of corn are placed in front of Teddy, each one designated for a the AFC and NFC team. Teddy chooses the winner of that year’s Super Bowl by nibbling on the designated team’s corn and his track record shows he hasn’t been wrong yet.