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'Political Kombat' lets politicos flex gamer skills has released the fourth episode of its popular Political Kombat ’12 video game series.
pointing has released the fourth episode of its popular Political Kombat ’12 video game series. These free animated video games allow players to play out the story of the 2012 presidential race with karate kicks, punches, air throws, and jabs.

The animated video game fights are funny, accurate, and insightful. The latest one spoofs Thursday’s vice presidential debate, pinning a feisty Vice President Joe Biden against a shirtless Rep. Paul Ryan.

The video games include key phrases from the campaign trail, such as Paul Ryan saying “p90x” or “marathon time” and Biden coming back and shouting “interruption." Political Kombat ’12 is full of animation and includes the standard Mortal Kombat video game yellow line, which demonstrates how the two opponents are faring against each other as they spar to the finish.

The series begins with the Republican primaries. Episode 1 has Mitt Romney karate chopping against his enemies Rick Santorum and Herman Cain.

Episode 2 advances to Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. Episode 3 takes the creative freedom one step further and lets players square off between President Obama and arch birth-certificate-rival Donald Trump.

The final level in the Political Kombat saga goes live October 29 so pre-order now (I’m joking about the pre-ordering. But, like I said Slate has these up for FREE.). It will be the ultimate battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney just one week before election day.

The Cyclists enjoyed this week’s installment of Political Kombat ’12 as during yesterday’s show.