'Normal Barbie' accessorizes with cellulite, stretch marks

Watch out Barbie, Nickolay Lamm is at it again!

Nickolay Lamm is the creator of Lammily, a “normal” Barbie doll who promotes simple beauty and a healthy, fun lifestyle. What began as an art project in July 2013 is now a real creation thanks to crowd funding, which raised $501,000. 

"A lot of parents were asking me where we could get this and I was like I'll just try to make it myself," Lamm told MSNBC.com. "It was a little overwhelming. I knew it was either going to bomb or go really well and thankfully it was really well." 

Lammily, whose proportions are that of an average 19-year-old woman, is available for purchase and delivery as of Wednesday. As the pre-orders for Lammily skyrocketed to just under 16,000 it is clear the need for a "normal Barbie" is one many see. 

"There is a crowd of people who believe what I believe, that dolls aren't just toys and are subconsciously how kids think about themselves. Then there are other kids who think toys are just toys who cars. I understand both side," Lamm said. 

Lamm has decided to add another feature to Lammily, giving her skin a "normal" look too. Lamm has designed an add-on pack that will give kids the option to give their Lammily doll acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scars bruises and more.  "I feel like a lot of toys put kids in a fantasy and I'm trying to make real cool." Lamm said. "Real is all we have anyways."