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New GoldieBlox ad says 'don't underestimate girls'

GoldieBlox has done it again.

GoldieBlox has done it again. 

Their last ad, featuring some spunky ballerinas, showed that girls can take charge of their own toolboxes and there's nothing dainty about it. Now, in a new music video, the GoldieBlox Girls are taking on a Beastie Boys jam and they're telling society what's what. "You think you know what we want," the anthem begins as an elaborately constructed contraption (think Mouse Trap) begins its run. "Pink and pretty it's girls. Just like the 50s it's girls," young voices sing.

But don't let the adorable faces, voices, and feathered boas confuse you: these little ladies mean business. They're smart, they're sassy, and they don't want to just be relegated to the "pink aisle" in the toy store. GoldieBlox's message and goal of showing the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses resonates with many women today - old and young remember feeling the way this video articulates. "You like to buy us pink toys, and everything else is for boys." 


This video makes sure you don't miss the point: "It's time to change. We deserve to see a range, cause all our toys look just the same. And we would like to use our brains. We are all more than princess maids!"