NASA renames building in honor of Neil Armstrong

30th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Mission
Astronaut Neil Armstrong smiles inside the Lunar Module July 20, 1969.

One day after the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing, the Operations & Checkout Building at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida is getting a new name.

NASA is renaming the building in honor of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon when Apollo 11 mission landed there July 20, 1969.


The key facility, that is now used to process and assemble NASA’s next generation spacecraft Orion, was used during the Apollo program to prepare the command, service, and lunar modules for launch.

During the ceremony on Monday, Armstrong was remembered by many including his Apollo 11 crew member Buzz Aldrin, mission commander Jim Lovell, sons Rick and Mark, and Michael Collins.

On Sunday, politicians took to social media to help commemorate the historic anniversary of what America accomplished 45 years ago.