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Krystal Clear: My friendly advice for the GOP

The Republican party is in crisis. What can they possibly do to fix their demographics problem?
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The Republican party is in crisis. What can they possibly do to fix their demographics problem? A 36 -point gap among single women, a 40-point gap among Latinos, a more than 90-point gap among African-Americans and an X gap among young people. In other words, major problems with every group that is increasing in size. After careful thought and reflection, I've got a few bits of wisdom to impart.

First, let's talk about your lady problems.

Lesson #1: if you want single women to vote for you, maybe stop calling them a bunch of "ho bags." Now look, I know that Rush Limbaugh doesn't speak for everyone. Not all Republicans think all single women using birth control are prostitutes. But when the titular leader of your party, Mitt Romney can only muster the courage to say about Rush "That's not the language I would have used"? Well, let's just say it doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence.

Lesson #2... Something tells me that young people working hard to earn a college degree and taking on student debt to do so aren't really going to be won over by a message of you're a bunch of lazy snobs. To be fair I haven't seen the polling on this. I'm just going with my gut on this one.

Lesson #3: Finally, let's delve into the GOP's problem with African-Americans and Latinos. I guess you guys have it right here. Minorities just voted for Obama because they wanted free stuff. You know, stuff like access to health care, a working economy and a decent education for their kids. Old Santa Obama delivers all the goodies. What a bunch of lazy moochers. The GOP could never convince them to take personal responsibility or care for their lives.

Look, the Republican party desperately needs to move back to the center, to find a place of balance and nuance in their policies on immigration, health care, and taxes but before any of that it seems to me like the first order of business is to stop insulting most of the country. One GOP Latino operative complaining about GOP outreach to Politico said: "They just want to put a sombrero on the Republican elephant. "

Yeah, that's probably not gonna work but before we worry about sombreros--or skirts--for the elephant for that matter let's get the elephant to stop calling us "sluts," "moochers," and "grifters."

Just some friendly advice.