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How a toy startup won the Super Bowl

GoldieBlox has pushed back on "the norm" since it launched in 2012. At Super Bowl XVIII, it did it again.

GoldieBlox won the Super Bowl -- sort of.

The toy start up that pushes for girls to get out of "the pink aisle" and branch into toys that let them build, create, and invent (just like the boys do) became the first small business to run an ad during the Super Bowl. Goldieblox beat more than 15,000 other companies vying for the coveted commercial spot that would be paid for by Intuit.

GoldieBlox ad says ‘don’t underestimate girls’

The importance of the ad is two fold. First, the small business representation in a sea of big car companies and multi-million dollar ad buys is obvious. But for those of us who are sick of the often over-sexed commercials aired during the game (we're looking at you GoDaddy), it's exciting to see a portrayl of women as something other than sexualized objects.

GoldieBlox launched in 2012 on Kickstarter, and in the short few years since then has seen a rapid rise in visibility -- both in the public eye, and on big name toy shelves, like Toys 'R' Us.   

Keep on making noise, girls.