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'House of Cards' inspires 'House of Carl' ad

Who said 'House of Cards' isn’t real life.
Carl DeMaio ad
Carl DeMaio ad

Who said House of Cards isn’t real life.

Republican House candidate Carl DeMaio has unveiled a series of advertisements modeled after the Netflix hit show, dubbing them “House of Carl.”

“When I say no special exemptions for Congress, I. MEAN. It,” DeMaio’s ad says.

As the popularity of “House of Cards” continues to circle the Washington world, and the social media timelines of many, DeMaio is using the series to push his message. “The dysfunction in Washington may make for good entertainment, but it has real life impacts. Time to clean up the mess,” DeMaio wrote next to his photographic ad on Facebook.

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DeMaio, who is openly gay, is not new to the political world. He was the party’s nominee for San Diego Mayor in 2012 and served as a city councilmen in San Diego.