GoldieBlox releases action figure for Girls

GoldieBlox is at it again!

The toy start-up company that pushes for girls to get out of “the pink aisle” and start building is kicking off the holiday season with a new commercial.

In what may be a mirror of Applies “1984” ad this GoldieBlox spot has an assembly line of young girls in pink glittery heals and fur vests grabbing identical Barbie like dolls off a conveyor belt as the mantra “you are beauty and beauty is perfection” is preached by a ‘Big Sister’ figure in heavy makeup. “Fashion dolls teach girls to value beauty over brains,” the ad says. “One is sold every 3 seconds.”

One little lone liberator in sneakers and overalls won’t stand for this and wants to change it all. As the other girls in the assembly line throw off their shoes, she takes a hammer to the princess machine and silences ‘Big Sister’s’ refrain revealing the new GoldieBlox action figure: Goldie. “Girls’ feet are made for high-tops, not high heels… it’s time for change,” the GoldieBlox website says. “It’s time for girls to have options. It’s time for us to take action.”

Goldie, who comes with a kit so young aspiring engineers can build her a working zipline, is just the latest creation that pushes girls to branch into toys that let them build, create and invent.   "Let's work together to get girls building the futures they deserve," the company says in its press release. "Our girls are so much more than pretty face."