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George Clooney and celebrities react to Sony canceling "The Interview"

George Clooney has a few words for North Korea and Sony.
US actor George Clooney arrives at the Aman hotel on Sept. 27, 2014 in Venice.

George Clooney has a few words for North Korea and Sony.

On Thursday during an exclusive interview with, Clooney said he is concerned the Sony situation could result in studios being ambivalent about taking on controversial movies “and that’s a chilling effect.”

In the interview, Clooney said he sent a petition around to people in the industry to show their support and not give into these demands.  “As we watched one group be completely vilified, nobody stood up. Nobody took that stand,” Clooney said. “Now, I say this is a situation we are going to have to come to terms with, a new paradigm and a new way of handling our business. Because this could happen to an electric company, a car company, a newsroom. It could happen to anybody.”

“The Interview” is a comedy about a plot to kill the North Korean leader. But after the Sony hack and threats by North Korea to invoke “9/11” style attacks on any theatre that show the film Sony opted not to release the film in theaters or on demand.

On Wednesday, when news was first released, celebrities took to Twitter to express their opinion.