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Cinderella vs. Belle in a rap battle face off

Sarah Michelle Geller transforms into Cinderella to take on Whitney Avalon as Belle in the latest 'Princess Rap Battle' installment.

The battle is on!

In the latest installment of YouTube’s  “Princess Rap Battle” series, Sarah Michelle Gellar transforms into Cinderella to take on Whitney Avalon as Belle and this battle is epic.

Cinderella kicks  things off by showing Belle who is boss. “Another princess is my shadow come to covert my crown, you clowns wanna throw down but I’m the best in a gown.” Cinderella raps. “Like a wilting rose you can’t step to my flows. These girls are trip pin, did they cut off their toes? I deserve all the praise for the foot fetish craze, I got itty bitty kicks but legs for days.”

Belle stands her ground as the progressive princess calling out Cinderella for being old-fashion. “I’m the perfect combination of brains and booty.. While I’m gain knowledge you’re losing your pumps,” Belle raps. ”Your tale as old as time sets us back fifty years, do your chores, clean the floors till a man just appears….I'm the smart female heroine that can't be ignored. The moral of our quarrel and why I've got you beat: It's what's inside that matters, not the size of your feet."

The episode, that dropped Wednesday, is the latest in Avalon and Steve Gossett series that launched last September when Frozen’s Elsa took on Snow White. “There will definitely be some people’s favorite [princesses], there will definitely be some from other canons and other movies and characters that people won’t necessarily be expecting,” Avalon explained to MTV in November.

What’s important to Avalaon is that these videos empower women and help little girls feel confident and strong. “I’m very anti-violence, I’m very peaceful and loving in real life, but if it makes some girl somewhere feel like she can stand up for herself, as cheesy as that sounds, it makes me really happy,” Avalon said.