'Batkid Begins' will restore your faith in humanity

San Francisco's Batkid is here to save us all!

The story of Miles Scott, the superhero who won thousands of hearts and transformed San Francisco into Gotham City, has become a documentary that is sure to win your heart all over again.

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Due out from Warner Brothers in late June, "Batkid Begins" promises to turn Scott’s story into a touching film following his battle with leukemia and his rise to Internet stardom.

"Miles always liked all superheroes but he always kind of comes back to Batman," Scott's father Nick explains in the trailer. "Natalie called me screaming and crying and said Miles has leukemia. One of his doctors told us that with this disease they just become like, a fighter. They fight for life. So I think he sees the good versus evil battle in superheroes."

The documentary reveals that Scott’s true wish was to be the real Batman because “he’s my favorite superhero.” His dream came true thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

“When we are going about doing a wish it is whimsical thinking about what would wow that child,” Patricia Wilson, who is the executive director of Make-A Wish Greater Bay Area, says in the trailer.  

Even Make-A-Wish's expectations were exceeded when the nation came together to cheer Miles on as he battled evil and saved Gotham City. 

“I’m trying to think of what word comes to mind,” National Communications Manager Josh deBerge told msnbc after the event took place in 2013 of his reaction to the outpouring of support and volunteerism. “When you look at the interest in this, it just shows you that there’s a huge part of humanity that wants to be involved in something good. And I think a little boy’s wish to be a superhero and help ‘save’ the city of San Francisco at its heart is such a good thing to be involved in.”

Watch the trailer below: