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WH Aide: Trump will get himself impeached for craven plot to make Ukraine Biden's 'emails' of 2020


Former Clinton White House Adviser Sidney Blumenthal recounts his original reporting exposing a Trump ally’s Ukraine plot, and dissects the Trump strategy as an effort to make Joe Biden suffer the political fate of Hillary Clinton in 2016 – an endless barrage of “investigation” related negative coverage, even if there is no ultimate indictment. Blumenthal – who was also a witness in the Ken Starr probe – says the Giuliani Ukraine plot must be understood as attempt to provide the “functional equivalent” of “how the emails worked against Hillary Clinton,” a campaign to smear and damage by innuendo regardless of the underlying facts. In this exclusive interview on The Beat with Ari Melber, Blumenthal and Melber discuss the additional irony that this very plot may have hurt Trump more than Biden, triggering the House vote for a full impeachment probe.