Former Giuliani Aide: He's now 'a right-wing conspiracy nut'


Former Giuliani aide, Ken Frydman, who worked on his campaign for mayor in 1993, joins The Beat with Ari Melber to discuss Rudy Giuliani’s unusual defense in the Ukraine scandal. Frydman says Giuliani’s behavior ‘pains him,’ adding he was once ‘good at message discipline and control,’ but argues he is now a ‘right-wing conspiracy nut.’ Berit Berger, former federal prosecutor, compares Trump’s backtracking defense to one of ‘criminal defendants,’ as he argues he was ‘joking’ when he asked a ‘foreign government to interfere’ in the election. Former Republican Governor of New Jersey Christine Todd Whitman argues she is ‘concerned’ with Congress attempting to leak the whistleblower’s identity, adding the ‘basic norms’ of government have been ‘blown away’ under the Trump presidency.