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Exposed: Hear the prophetic CDC prediction Trump ignored – before coronavirus shut down America


As Pres. Trump downplayed the coronavirus in early 2020, some of his administration's own CDC experts were sounding the alarm with details that proved prescient. Dr. Nancy Messonnier publicly warned in February of a coming "significant disruption" daily life, including the prospect of "schools or daycare" closing, more "teleworking:" and "missed work and loss of income." The CDC expert noted that while the warning may sound "severe," the key was that the government and citizens "start thinking" about immediate preparation. In this special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents how Messionier - and other experts in and outside of government - were ignored, sidelined and even faced alleged retaliation by the Trump Administration for getting it right. This is an excerpt from a longer special report about the coronavirus response.