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As drug war is rebuked in #1 album "God Did," DJ Khaled talks Jay-Z, Obama & hits with Ari Melber


DJ Khaled’s new album “God Did” is topping the charts, and he talks to MSNBC anchor and hip hop obsessive Ari Melber about the project and his approach to collaboration. Khaled says Melber's breakdown of Jay-Z's verse on the title track made him listen to it anew - referencing a Beat segment about the lyrics and America's wider drug war, which Jay-Z then released as a separate track, "HOV Did" (available on all streaming music services.) “When you walk into a Khaled room, it’s all pure," Khaled tells Melber, "If I’m excited about a track, you’re gonna feel it. It’s my job as a producer to show them something they might not have seen,” he explains, referring to his approach to curating star-studded albums. This digital exclusive is the full interview, and excerpts aired on Melber's TV show, "The Beat with Ari Melber."