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'You're pardoned!': Trump frees 'Apprentice' contestant from prison in legal dumpster fire


President Trump broke news with the surprise announcement he is using his pardon power for eleven convicted individuals, including Rudy Giuliani’s convicted NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik, former “Apprentice” contestant Rod Blagojevich, and Michael Milken, a billionaire convicted of 98 counts of racketeering and fraud. The pardons come as Trump’s DOJ faces a firestorm over allegedly giving special treatment to Pres. Trump’s convicted aide. In this report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber explains how these new “political and messaging pardons” clearly “favor the rich and famous,” and constitute “a new low for this total breakdown of justice in the pardon process.” Melber implores citizens to take note of Trump’s action, saying it is as “serious as a heart attack” and noting the new pardons demonstrate why people should actually take Trump “literally,” as he openly campaigned and now governs on deploying “the intimidation of the law, of investigation, of jail - into a political weapon against rivals.”