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'Totally wrong': Fed. judge who ruled on 'stop and frisk' fact-checks Bloomberg and Biden at debate


In Mayor Bloomberg’s debut appearance on the Democratic Presidential Debate Stage, his stop and frisk policy was a major issue. Speaking out for the first time since the debate, the Federal Judge who actually ruled on the policy, and spent ten years overseeing litigation about it, says flatly that both Bloomberg and Biden got their facts wrong during the debate. Scheindlin fact checks Bloomberg’s claim that he personally scaled back the policy, noting he expanded it after Mayor Giuliani and then was forced to change gears because of her “court rulings.” As for Biden, Scheindlin said Biden was factually wrong to take credit for the shift – he said at the debate that the Obama-Biden administration caused the policy change with a monitor – noting that was “totally wrong,” and in fact, her federal court “ruling” is what “appointed the monitor” to oversee the rollback of the policy. The judge made the newsworthy comments in an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber