Newly freed Bridgegate defendant Bill Baroni says Chris Christie knew about bridge closing


In an exclusive interview, former Chris Christie appointee Bill Baroni speaks out about his former boss’s role in the explosive Bridgegate scandal. Baroni says Christie knew about the infamous revenge plot that got two of his appointees convicted of crimes – which were then overturned in an unanimous Supreme Court ruling in May 2020. This newsmaking interview is Baroni’s first since the high court decision and since leaving prison, and he discusses the scandal; his own regret over his actions; the veracity of allegations against Christie by another aide; Christie’s statements blaming the plot on Baroni and others; and prison reform with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, who reports on the Supreme Court ruling that the plot was not a property fraud crime, while noting the Court also found the plot was “deceptive, corrupt and an abuse of power.”