The Call: Tell us your challenges when it comes to voting

Election Day in the battleground state of Wisconsin.
Willie Davis, 3, stands alongside his mom while she votes on election day in Milwaukee, WI.

Ladies and gents —

Get excited: it’s time for a brand new Call to Action. This week, we’re honing in on a fundamental democratic value – the right to vote. As we move into election season, that right is seeing some big changes.

There’s good news:  in the first three weeks of 2014, 31 states introduced bills that would expand voting rights. But there are also some troubling signs: 19 states introduced bills that would restrict access to voting. Those restrictions range from voter ID laws to limits on when you can hit the polls.

We kicked things off by profiling Ohio’s new restrictions on early voting days and hours - and we’re going to take you around the country this week to look at changing access to the vote and turn over solutions. And we want your help!

This week’s Call to Action is simple. Tell us what your number one challenge is when it comes to voting by sending us a message on Twitter (@ronandaily), leave a comment on our Facebook page, or email us at We’re looking forward to crunching the numbers on what your challenges are and working with you as you push solutions.

You can also join the Team Ronan group here to discuss this week’s call. You may see me and the team joining the discussion there.

We will be uploading some of your responses right here throughout the week. Keep us posted.