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The call: Midterm matters

The call: Midterms matters #Ronation

Hey #Ronation  –

The pivotal 2014 midterms are only days away. An unprecedented amount of money has been spent – just to get your attention! But the sad truth of the matter is that the majority of Americans historically don’t turn out for midterms.

These midterms matter! You should care.  The Brookings Institute say the outcome of this year’s midterms could shape policy for the next two years.  This election will determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate and has some pretty big consequences nationally. Results will affect chances for comprehensive immigration reform, marijuana regulation, tax reform, reproductive rights, education funding and money for infrastructure projects to fix our aging roads and bridges. But voter participation may end up even lower this year than in previous midterm elections.

So, we want to help get you engaged in and excited about these elections. This week on the show we will showcase a different key race every day, to introduce you to the people and the issues involved.

And here’s a simple plan to help you commit to voting.  It’s been proven that a person is more likely to vote if he or she actually schedules it in their calendar ahead of time. So, let’s do it. Just pick the time of day on Tuesday, November 4th that you plan to vote, put it in your calendar -- and send us a picture or screen shot with your appointment to vote. Post it on our Facebook page or tweet or Instagram us with the hashtag #Ronation.

We’ll share what the most popular time slots are!

Happy voting,

Team Ronan

PS - Also,  if you want to have a little fun with your friends while figuring out who you should vote for, take this short quiz. You may even be surprised at which political party you fit best in.