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The call: #EndEbola

Ebola is one of the biggest health crises plaguing the world right now. But there is something you can do right now to stop the spread. #EndEbola
In this photo taken on Monday, Aug. 4, 2014, a health worker stands outside Connaught Hospital, after the arrival of patient with symptoms of the Ebola...

Ladies & Gents --

Ebola is one of the biggest health crises plaguing the world right now.  More than 2,900 men, women and children have died from the recent Ebola outbreak – an outbreak the WHO has said is “unparalleled in modern times.”  At the current rate, the number of Ebola cases is doubling about every 20 days.

To make matters worse, this serious virus is spreading in countries that do not have the resources to fight it.   According to the CDC, if conditions remain unchanged we can expect to see things continue to spiral out of control and the cost of delaying action against Ebola will be devastating.  Every month of delay in reaching at least 70% of the patients infected will result in an increase in patients, which means more deaths.

Ebola can, however, be stopped.  Every major health organization in the world knows what needs to be done. Personnel, equipment and international coordination are urgently needed.  We've got to act faster, and do something now.

Sign and share the ONE campaign’s petition Act to End Ebola and encourage world leaders to step up and help #EndEbola. By making this a global initiative, we can as one community stop the spread of this disease and save lives.


Team Ronan