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The Call: Cybersecurity

Cyber-attacks are part of a new reality that poses a threat to us all. It's time Congress makes cybersecurity a top national priority.
President Obama delivers remarks on cybersecurity, Jan. 13th 2015.
President Obama delivers remarks on cybersecurity, Jan. 13th 2015.

Ronation –

Names, birthdates home addresses and social security numbers -- the massive cyber-attack last week on health insurance giant, Anthem, has raised grave, new concerns over the security of our private data online. And 2014 was an unprecedented year for cyber-attacks:

- The Sony Pictures hack exposing salaries, embarrassing emails and slowing the company’s operations to a crawl; it also cost the company $1.2 billion. 

- Major credit card breaches at Target, Home Depot and JP Morgan exposing customer data.  

- High profile personal data breaches - actress Jennifer Lawrence watching private, nude photos go viral online.

And now in 2015, the recent hacking of Taylor Swift’s personal Twitter account.  

Cyber-attacks are part of a new reality. They are a threat to us all and that makes cyber security a top national priority  This week, President Obama will travel to Stanford University for a summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection.  The White House hopes to galvanize efforts to protect American consumers and companies from growing threats to both consumers and commercial networks. Support on Capitol Hill to modernize cybersecurity laws appears to be growing, but Congress has not passed any legislation to help protect the country against a growing wave of cyber-attacks.

Here is where Congress and the president could work together to accomplish this important objective. President Obama has a new cybersecurity legislative proposal:

  1. Enabling cybersecurity information to be shared among businesses
  2. Modernizing law enforcement to combat cyber crime
  3. Speeding up national data breach reporting

So, for our Call to Action this week, we are offering you the opportunity to urge Congress to pass this legislation. Tweet @SenateFloor and @HouseFloor telling them to support President Obama’s cybersecurity plan using the hashtag #Ronation.

And share on @RonanDaily or on the Ronan Farrow Daily Facebook page how you try to protect yourself and your family from cyber-attacks.