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Week in Geek: Fall Holiday Edition

WWII carrier pigeon with encrypted message no one can crack found in chimney in Southern England.Dr. Who turns 49 today!

A little zen to start you off whether you are still recovering from family, food, and/or football. This is an installation of hundreds of aluminum weather vanes on the side of the Randall Museum in San Francisco. Entitled Windswept, these vanes capture the wind patterns over the building both large and small. Artist Charles Sowers aims to create works "that allow us insight into normally invisible or unnoticed phenomena." My take: the wind patterns illustrated by these vanes are both useful data and abstract beauty.

"Happy Dinosaur Dissecting Day" is the new "Happy Thanksgiving."

Think the turkey made you sleepy yesterday? Think again.

In other turkey news, wild male turkeys can gobble on cue. Check out this recording with 300 turkeys as the back up singers.

The physics of "Punkin Chunkin," that annual tradition of flinging orange gourds through the air. [VIDEO]

At least one Thanksgiving dinner yesterday was out of this world, on the International Space Station that is. [VIDEO]

And speaking of dehydrated food, test subjects will eat nothing but in service of research into how to feed astronauts on a mission to Mars.

The delicious science of caramel.

More science of food: how to tell the age of an egg (scroll to the first comment).

Earth's tilted axis, responsible for our seasons, is potentially the result of a gravitational interaction with another star - a galactic drive-by, if you will.

If you go ice-skating this holiday season, you are continuing to baffle scientists every second you are on the ice.

Lastly, some non-holiday related geek, but too good to pass up:

South Pacific island on Google Maps found NOT TO EXIST. [VIDEO]

WWII carrier pigeon with encrypted message no one can crack found in chimney in Southern England.

Dr. Who turns 49 today! Celebrate with the endless fun content on the BBC's official website. As my favorite Doctor would say, fantastic!

Keep on geekin' on.