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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 9.3.14

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Those initial "cease fire" reports were premature: "On the eve of a NATO summit focused on Russian aggression, President Vladimir V. Putin unveiled on Wednesday a seven-point peace plan for Ukraine while President Obama and other Western leaders tried to keep the spotlight on the Kremlin's role in stoking the conflict there and the penalties it should suffer for doing so."
* POTUS in Estonia: "President Obama vowed on Wednesday to punish the Sunni militants whose videotaped beheadings of two American journalists he said had 'repulsed' the world, saying the United States would lead a regional and international coalition to beat back the terrorists. 'Our objective is clear, and that is: degrade and destroy ISIL so that it's no longer a threat, not just to Iraq but also to the region and to the United States,' Mr. Obama said."
* NATO: "When leaders of NATO's 28 member nations gather at a resort in the lush hills of Wales on Thursday, they will set the course for a military alliance that has long seemed adrift and archaic but has lately been given new vitality by an old foe: Russia."
* Important: "Responding to international pressure, France suspended the delivery of a warship to Russia at least until November amid security concerns over Moscow's role in the Ukraine crisis, officials said Wednesday."
* Iraq: "President Obama on Tuesday authorized sending some 350 additional U.S. military personnel to protect diplomatic facilities and personnel in Baghdad. The troops will not play a combat role, the White House said."
* Biden: "Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the United States will follow militant group ISIS 'to the gates of Hell.'"
* Ebola: "The death toll from the Ebola epidemic in West Africa has surpassed 1,900 people, the World Health Organization's chief said Wednesday. Less than a week ago the death toll stood at 1,552 people. More people have now died in the 2014 Ebola epidemic than in all previous outbreaks combined (1,590, according to the WHO)."
* Related news: "With the Ebola outbreak threatening to spiral out of control, U.S. officials unveiled a multimillion-dollar plan Tuesday aimed at getting a promising drug out of American research labs and into African hospitals and clinics more quickly."
* Ferguson: "Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Wednesday canceled the state of emergency he issued more than two weeks ago when protests over Michael Brown's death erupted. The governor's decision to lift the warning signals the situation in Ferguson, Mo., has calmed after weeks of turmoil consumed the community."
* Is President Obama's policy in Ukraine "muddled"? Actually, no, it's not.
* I quite liked Thomas Friedman's column today: "In criticizing Obama for taking too much time, Representative Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told 'Fox News Sunday' that 'this 'don't-do-stupid-stuff' policy isn't working.' That sounded odd to my ear -- like we should just bomb somebody, even if it is stupid. If Obama did that, what would he be ignoring?"
* And if you missed Rachel talking about it on the show, we've been updating an online whip count, listing the members of Congress who support a congressional debate and vote on authorizing force against ISIS targets. Have your representatives weighed in? If so, and their names aren't on our list, email us at
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