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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 8.5.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Tennessee movie theater: "A man armed with a gun and a hatchet opened fire Wednesday in a movie theater outside Nashville, Tennessee, police said. The attacker was killed after exchanging fire with SWAT officers, police said. Authorities said he was a 51-year-old local man but have not yet released his identity."
* Mississippi:  "Camp Shelby in Mississippi was on heightened alert again Wednesday as authorities searched for a man in a red pickup who allegedly fired shots in the air near the base for the second time, the Army said."
* Don't assume unanimity in Israel: "Many Israeli ex-generals and former security chiefs have signed a petition urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, which he strongly opposes. A petition signed by the former officials and made public Monday calls the July 14 accord a 'fait accompli.'"
* Keep an eye on this one: "Federal regulators on Wednesday voted to require companies to reveal the pay gap between CEOs and their employees."
* Good pick-ups: "Sens. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) backed the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday, becoming the latest Democrats in the upper chamber to endorse the agreement ahead of a five-week recess."
* Perhaps even better: "Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) is backing the Iran nuclear agreement, becoming the latest lawmaker to throw support behind the deal ahead of a five-week congressional recess."
* Progress that hits home: "For the first time in a decade email spam now makes up less than half of all emails, falling to 49.7% in June, according to security company Symantec. Overall, average spam rates have been on a downward trend."
* And congratulations to my pal, Patrick Murphy: "The first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress has been tapped by the White House to serve as the new Under Secretary of the Army. Patrick Murphy, a Pennsylvania Democrat who served in the House from 2007 to 2011, was nominated Wednesday to take over the role as part of ongoing leadership changes at the Department of Defense."
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