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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 5.30.18

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Quite a surprise: "Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who was widely reported to have been assassinated in the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday, turned up at a news conference alive and well on Wednesday."

* In normal times, this would be a pretty important development: "President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that he wished he had not selected Jeff Sessions as his attorney general."

* Trump isn't much of a dealmaker: "China on Wednesday lashed out at Washington's unexpected statement that it will press ahead with tariffs and restrictions on investments by Chinese companies, saying Beijing was ready to fight back if Washington was looking to ignite a trade war."

* This is bonkers, even for him: "President Donald Trump made his first comments about the Roseanne Barr controversy on Wednesday, criticizing ABC for apologizing to the former Obama adviser targeted by Barr in a racist tweet and claiming the network has ignored 'horrible' remarks made about him."

* Trouble for Ronald Mortensen's nomination? "Sen. Jeff Flake wrote online Tuesday that he will not support the White House's nominee to lead a State Department office that oversees refugees because of the man's hard-line anti-immigration rhetoric."

* This isn't what the right said would happen: "Despite backlash over halting sales of assault-style guns in its stores, Dick's Sporting Goods posted higher revenue for its most recent quarter and greater-than-expected profit."

* Trump still wants Americans to believe Mexico will pay for a border wall. Mexico is still telling Trump that won't happen.

* Hmm: "Ivanka Trump abruptly left a conference call on Tuesday about a coming fitness event after receiving questions about her company's trademarks in China and her father's exercise regimen."

* At his campaign rally last night, the president bragged about the size of his hands. No, seriously.

* I'm glad the scientists and staff at the U.S. Geological Survey reminded people it's unwise to roast marshmallows over volcanic vents, but it's unsettling that this reminder was necessary.

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