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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 4.20.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Flint: "Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday described the filing of criminal charges against three government workers connected with Flint's water issues as taking the crisis to a 'whole new level.'"
* Off Libya's coast: "Up to 500 migrants trying to reach Europe may have drowned off north Africa last week, the United Nations' refugee agency and an aid organization said Wednesday, although exact details of the tragedy remained unclear."
* In Riyadh: "President Obama and King Salman of Saudi Arabia met in Riyadh on Wednesday amid deepening tensions between their two governments over Iran, the fight against terrorism and the potential release of long-delayed documents said to implicate Saudi officials in the Sept. 11 attacks."
* Supreme Court: "Arizona's use of an independent commission for drawing state legislative boundaries survived another attack in a decision Wednesday by US Supreme Court. In a unanimous vote, the justices said the commission did not violate the principle of one person, one vote when it drew a new map for the state's 30 legislative districts after the 2010 census."
* Climate crisis: "The conclusions from a series of scientific surveys of the Great Barrier Reef bleaching event -- an environmental assault on the largest coral ecosystem on Earth -- are in, and scientists aren't holding back about how devastating they find them."
* North Carolina's problem isn't going away: "Target is joining the chorus of corporate entities taking issue with North Carolina's controversial Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which critics have argued sanctions prejudice against members of the LGBT community."
* Onto the House: "The U.S. Senate acted in a bipartisan fashion to pass a sweeping energy bill, touching on everything from cybersecurity for power plants to the future of the grid. The bill resulted from collaboration between Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Washington Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell."
* VA: "Senators confirmed Michael Missal to be the new inspector general for the Department of Veterans Affairs late Tuesday, giving the embattled agency a top watchdog for the first time in 28 months. The evening voice vote came without any discussion or objection. "
* VW: "A person briefed on the matter told the Associated Press that Volkswagen has reached agreement with the U.S. government to spend just over $1 billion to compensate owners of diesel cars that cheat on emissions tests."
* Good for him:  "When a dozen lawyers rose together to be sworn into the Supreme Court bar Tuesday morning, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. made a sweeping motion with his hands. It translated in American Sign Language to: 'Your motion is granted.' Roberts learned to sign the phrase just for that occasion, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said."
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