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Wednesday's Mini-Report

<p>Today's edition of quick hits:* Wasting no time: "Speaking this afternoon in Iowa, the president was quick to revive Romney&

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Wasting no time: "Speaking this afternoon in Iowa, the president was quick to revive Romney's response Tuesday night to a question about pay equity between the sexes, in which he touted his record of hiring women as Massachusetts governor by saying he had 'binders full of women' who were qualified to be hired.

* W. Kamau Bell stars in the new video in the "Actually..." series, and this one focuses on Mitt Romney and climate science. (Note some of the language in the clip is not safe for work.)

* For reasons I don't quite understand, the Team Romney and Republican officials appear determined to turn 'binders' into a metaphorical theme that works for them, not Obama.

* The economy is starting to show a "full-on comeback in everything related to consumers and households."

* In an interesting twist, preliminary numbers suggest ratings for last night's debate went up as compared to the debate two weeks ago. If the president is widely perceived as the big winner, that's probably good news for Obama.

* Oh, military commissions: "A federal appeals court on Tuesday threw out the terrorism conviction of a high-profile former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Salim Hamdan, a Yemeni who served as Osama bin Laden's driver and bodyguard."

* Public health: "Four more people have died in an outbreak of fungal infections traced back to contaminated back pain injections, and 247 people are now confirmed infected in 15 states, federal health officials said on Wednesday."

* And if you're thinking the world needed another super PAC, this one run by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), I have good news for you.

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