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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 12.9.15

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Afghanistan: "The civilian airport in Afghanistan's southern city of Kandahar remained closed Wednesday a day after Taliban insurgents staged an audacious attack there, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people, officials said."
* Chicago: "In a special address Wednesday to Chicago's City Council, Mayor Rahm Emanuel publicly apologized for the police shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald and criticized not only what he called decades of city police corruption but also the 'shoot first and ask questions later' gun epidemic in the United States."
* The accused Colorado Springs mass-murderer was in court today. "I am guilty, there's no trial. I am a warrior for the babies," he told the court. [Disclosure: my wife works for Planned Parenthood.]
* Screening measures: "The House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill to tighten terrorism screening requirements on travelers coming to the U.S. from Europe. The Visa Waiver Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act would place new requirements from travelers from the 38 countries for whom visas are not currently required to enter the U.S. It passed 407-19, as a similar bill moves through the Senate."
* More Benghazi hullabaloo: "All Fox News has done is confirm what we already knew: the Defense Department ordered military assets to respond to Benghazi. But they're putting a wildly tendentious spin on this email that is not bolstered by any known facts, and conservatives are eating up this nonsense because it confirms what they already believe to be true."
Education: "The Senate on Wednesday passed an overhaul of the George W. Bush-era No Child Left Behind law, sending the measure to President Obama's desk. Senators approved the conference report worked out by House and Senate negotiators in a 85-12 vote — eight years after the original law expired. The House passed the legislation in an overwhelming vote last week."
* "What the hell happened to that America I immigrated to?" one Muslim in the U.S. Marine Corps asked.
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