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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 12.20.17

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* An ostentatious victory lap for an unpopular bill: "President Donald Trump applauded Republicans for passing a sweeping tax bill Wednesday, convening lawmakers to take a victory lap on the White House lawn after touting it as a 'historic' achievement."

* Keeping the focus on CHIP: 'Gripping lumps of coal, Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday demanded Republicans act before the holidays to reauthorize coverage for millions of children in low-income families whose health insurance is at risk of running out."

* Maybe Congress should have some kind of debate about this: "The Defense Department on Wednesday acknowledged for the first time 'multiple ground operations' in Yemen, while noting that the Islamic State has doubled in size in the war-torn country, where an insurgency by Houthis rebels has allowed terrorist groups to seek haven."

* Puerto Rico: "Two U.S. Cabinet secretaries visited Puerto Rico on Tuesday and promised to speed up recovery efforts and increase federal assistance for an island struggling nearly three months after Hurricane Maria."

* Time is running out: "Congressional leaders moved toward another short-term spending stopgap Wednesday after talks aimed at passing more-ambitious legislation appeared to collapse as a government shutdown deadline approached."

* Stuff like this always makes me nervous: "President Trump threatened on Wednesday to cut off American aid to any country that votes in favor of a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly denouncing his recent decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

* A bill worth keeping an eye on: "Lawmakers are working on legislation to make members of Congress liable for settlements over sexual harassment claims against them."

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