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Wednesday's Mini-Report

Today's edition of quick hits:* Obama isn't going to Moscow, but he will attend the G-20 meeting: "President Barack Obama has canceled a planned meeting in

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Obama isn't going to Moscow, but he will attend the G-20 meeting: "President Barack Obama has canceled a planned meeting in Moscow with Russia's President Vladimir Putin -- a diplomatic snub that follows tensions over NSA leaker Edward Snowden."

* Yemen: "Yemeni security forces have foiled a plot by al Qaeda to take over oil and gas export facilities and a provincial capital in the eastern part of the country, a government official said on Wednesday."

* Tensions ease on the Korean peninsula: "North Korea said Wednesday that it would reopen the shuttered Kaesong industrial complex, a rare symbol of cooperation with South Korea whose operations were shut down by the North four months ago amid mounting tensions between the sworn enemies."

* McCain and Graham cause a stir: "On a visit at the request of President Obama, two Republican senators warned Egypt on Tuesday that the United States would cut off aid if the new military-appointed government failed to move rapidly toward democracy, including releasing the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, and other leaders of his Islamist party from detention."

* Fort Hood: "At the start of the second day of the trial, on Wednesday, Major Hasan's former lead Army defense lawyer, who sits by his side in the courtroom as his standby counsel, told the judge that Major Hasan's goal was to receive a death sentence, and he asked to be removed from the case because helping the defendant achieve such a goal violates his ethical obligations."

* The latest allegations out of San Diego are arguably some of the worst to date: Did Mayor Bob Filner (D) "target victims of military sexual assault?"

* NRA: "The National Rifle Association is asking the Supreme Court to strike down decades-old regulations prohibiting the sales of handguns to those under the age of 21."

* Lydia DePillis has "everything you need to know about Obama's latest housing plan."

* 50 years later: "President Obama will speak on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to observe the anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28 -- 50 years to the day after one of the march's organizers, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech."

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