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Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 1.20.16

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.
* Note the calendar: it's Jan. 20, 2016. Exactly one year from this minute, a new president will take the oath of office.
* Sarah Palin was supposed to join Donald Trump on the campaign trail today, but at an event this morning, she didn't show up.
* There was a tragic accident in Iowa yesterday in which a van carrying Ben Carson campaign aides flipped after hitting a patch of ice. Braden Joplin, a 25-year-old volunteer, died. Carson has suspended his campaign for at least two days.
* In results that are very hard to believe, a CNN/WMUR poll shows Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton among New Hampshire Democrats by a nearly two-to-one margin, 60% to 33%. Other recent polls show the Vermont senator ahead, but not by nearly this large a margin.
* The latest Monmouth poll shows Clinton leading Sanders at the national level, 52% to 37%. That's a narrower margin than her advantage in the previous Monmouth survey.
* In Florida, the latest Florida Atlantic University poll shows Trump dominating in the Sunshine State with 48% support, which is triple the backing of his next closest competitor, Ted Cruz, who's at 16%. Among the Floridians in the race, Marco Rubio is third with 11% and Jeb Bush is fourth with 10%.
* Glenn Beck is now scheduled to join Ted Cruz on the campaign trail in Iowa this weekend.
* Rubio and his allied super PAC are running an aggressively negative campaign in New Hampshire, running attack ads against Cruz and Chris Christie at the same time. The Washington Post reported, "What's notable about [Rubio's] multi-pronged attacks in New Hampshire is just how many directions they're going in -- and how they ignore the state's front-runner, Trump."
* Sources close to Team Rubio told National Review the senator hopes to win through a "3-2-1" strategy that involves coming in third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire, and first in South Carolina.
* Jeb Bush told Fox News last night, "I only look at the polls that show me doing well. That's my strategy." Good luck with that, gov.