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Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 9.23.20

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

Today's installment of campaign-related news items from across the country.

* Cindy McCain yesterday became the latest Republican to endorse Joe Biden's presidential candidacy. "Joe Biden represents to me the kinds of values and integrity and courage that we want in a president and someone who, I think, would have my back as a citizen and someone who lives in a neighborhood and has a family and all the other things that people do," she told NBC News this morning. "I want to feel like my president cares about me and cares about this country and Joe Biden does."

* In Florida, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Donald Trump leading Biden among likely voters, 51% to 47%. It's the largest lead for the president in the Sunshine State in any poll since March.

* On a related note, the Washington Post-ABC News poll also found the Republican narrowly ahead among likely voters in Arizona, 48% to 47%. Most other recent polling has shown Trump trailing in the Grand Canyon State.

* In Georgia, a new Monmouth poll also shows Trump with a narrow lead among registered voters, 47% to 46%, and the president's advantage grows in the survey's likely-voter models.

* On a related note, the same poll found Sen. David Perdue (R) leading Jon Ossoff (D), 48% to 42%, in one of Georgia's U.S. Senate races, while in the state's other U.S. Senate contest, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R) leads the pack with 23%, followed by Rep. Doug Collins (R) at 22%. With Matt Lieberman (D) in the race, Raphael Warnock (D) is struggling to reach the top two, setting up a runoff featuring two far-right Republicans and no Democratic candidate.

* American Bridge 21st Century, a prominent super PAC with ties to Democratic politics, is launching digital ads this week on the ongoing Supreme Court fight. The online ads are targeting five Republican incumbents running for re-election this year: Sens. Joni Ernst (Iowa), Cory Gardner (Colo.), John Cornyn (Texas), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), and Thom Tillis (N.C.).

* Following a ruling from the state Supreme Court, Maine will use ranked-choice voting in the 2020 presidential race for the first time. The state Republican Party tried and failed to derail the implementation of the voting reform.

* And the topics for the first Trump-Biden debate were announced yesterday: "Trump's and Biden’s records, the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, race and violence in cities, election integrity, and the economy." The first debate is scheduled for Tuesday night in Cleveland, and it'll be moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.