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'We Are Everywhere' -- the second wave of the Window War

Mike Vanderboegh, the extremist who urged people to throw bricks through Democratic windows after health reform passed, is calling for another round of

Mike Vanderboegh, the extremist who urged people to throw bricks through Democratic windows after health reform passed, is calling for another round of destructive opposition. "We Are Everywhere," as Vanderboegh terms the new phase of his Window War, targets the IRS and "our Socialist Mandarin masters." The phrasing may have been inspired by Hutaree leader David Brian Stone, Sr., whom prosecutors say used it in an address to militia members on Feb. 6. “Now is the time to strike and take back our nation," Stone allegedly told his followers. "The government should fear the people. They forget they live in our neighborhoods. We are everywhere.”"We Are Everywhere" also happens to be the name of a global anti-capitalism project from 2001 -- not really Vanderboegh's kind of crowd, at least in terms of the motivation for throwing a brick. No, what Vanderboegh's got in mind has to do with undermining government. He wants three percenters -- like-minded extremists -- to get one of the new IRS jobs Republicans say health reform will create. Vanderboegh writes:

So sign up today! Our Dear Leader needs you to enforce the "Health Care" Act! Join. Learn. Lurk in the shadows, and await the right time and place to muck up the works. And you don't need a Michael Collins to report to. We have the Internet. Study Fourth Generation Warfare and open source insurgency at John Robb's Global Guerrillas site and others. Begin today. Leave no trace. Shut up about your politics. At the very least, we will cause the IRS to waste vast amounts of time and money trying to ferret out our Ned Broy's during the selection process. And if you make it through, study, watch and wait.

I can see whole reams of internal documents posted anonymously to the web, raids compromised with no one there when the door lock is blown in by those new 14 inch barrel entry shotguns. I can see an entire agency in a blue funk, eating at its own vitals.

OK, it's April 1. Maybe he's kidding. And maybe he's serious. If you can't get a job with the IRS, Vanderboegh wants you for his new "force multiplier" campaign. "It is no threat," he writes. See what you think.

Our Socialist Mandarin masters like Nancy Pelosi rub elbows with us everyday, though they do not know it.

We carry their mail and packages.

We check out their groceries.

We clean out their drains, fix their wiring, install their alarm systems and hand them their lattes at Starbucks.

We ARE everywhere.


They do not know this. It never enters their minds. Even if they knew it, they wouldn't care. We have no opinions, they believe, that they are bound to respect. In truth, they despise us. You can tell that by the sneering names they call us and by the arrogance with which they corruptly arrange tyrannical laws.

But they do not know that we are everywhere, passing through, or working in, their offices, their side businesses, their homes.

It is time to remind them.

Send them the message: We are everywhere.

There is no need to explain further. The message is the message.

So send them the message.

By little notes left in their morning papers.

By email, fax and letter.

By phone call.

It is no threat. "We are everywhere." Who is "we"? What do we mean "everywhere"? The message is the message. Nothing more is required. I suppose if you wanted to put a "III" on it, that would be okay, but keep it simple, keep it effective. The message is the message, and I can just see Eric Holder and his boys scratching their heads, trying to make a case out of three little words that by themselves threaten nobody.

Scrawl it in felt-tip pen on the restroom walls of federal buildings.

Leave it in the lockers at the athletic clubs they frequent.

Print it on stickers and slap them on the bumpers of their cars.

We are everywhere.

Paint it on sidewalks wherever it suits your fancy.

Put it on billboards for everyone to see.

We are everywhere.

Especially -- soon, thanks to Nancy Pelosi -- within the vitals of the Internal Revenue Service.